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Stage production was our first experience in art and media. Since 1986 we have produced drama, theatre and musical show on stage.  As media has bigger audience and larger impact in people’s life, in 1993 we started to get involved in Video Production.  Since then, we have had experiences in Art Directing, Producing, Directing and Managing Production in different TV networks, Production Companies and Advertising Agency.
Various programs, video and events have been produced such as:

TV Programs


Variety Show, Magazine Show, Talkshow, Game Show, Quiz Show, Music Program


  1. Dunia Bintang (Producer SCTV)

  2. Project-P - SCTV (Producer  SCTV)

  3. Kuis Cocok (Producer SCTV)

  4. Welcome to BCA - Metro TV (Producer WOW Comm)

  5. Solusi - SCTV (Production Manager CBN)

  6. Surat - TPI (Production Manager CBN)

  7. Ajang Gaul - Trans TV (Production ManagerCBN)

  8. Kasih (Production Manager CBN)

  9. Buka Rahasia (GM Production B channel)

  10. Sekarang Aku Tahu (GM Production B channel)

  11. Orange Juice (GM Production B channel)

  12. New Project-P (GM Production B channel)

Film for TV


  1. Larasati – SCTV (Producer in CBN)

  2. Rumah di Atas Karang – SCTV (Producer in CBN)

  3. Saat Dia Kembali - Trans 7 (Producer in CBN)

  4. More Than Dreams – USA

Company Profiles & TV Commercial


  1. Makin Group (Gudang Garam)

  2. Cosmos

  3. Partai Damai Sejahtera

Event Organizing


  1. Titi DJ live concert

  2. Judika Live Concert

  3. Mestakung Seminar

  4. Various musical drama 

Goodthings Production was established to further step up to higher level of Video Production which is not only producing high quality of products but also having good value as well as good impact to our clients and viewers. Creativity and content are the two important things we prioritize in our production.

About Us

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